Rubber speed breakers

It is one of the lastest widely-used speed slowing products, which is mainly used at the crossings of cities, highway, tollgates, gardens, villages, parking lots, Petrol Pumps, etc.

Its combination of yellow and black colour draws the drivers' attention at both day and night effectively by achieving more result of slowing.

Its made of highly refined rubber, firm, durable and impact-proof with its unique design, obvious slowing effects with no noise and discomfort.

Available in Size : 500 ×350 × 50mm; 250 × 400 × 75mm ; 500 × 400 × 75mm

Rubber corner guards

It is made of high quality refined rubber with high-class and strong reflective tape on, black and yellow, easy to install and durable.

Available in Size :100 x 100 x 800mm

Rumbler strips

Rumble strips are place in the middle of roads to improve traffic safety. It prevent drivers from crossing road centre line without noticing it.


Plastic Chains are mainly used in highway protection and channel isolation of hotels, shopping malls, sport fields, public places, Interconnections, etc..

T-Shape sign Boards to be fitted on top of cones for message display.

Sign Holders / Message Boards to be placed on Q Post.

 Plastic Chains
 T-Shape Sign Board
 Sign Holders

Traffic safety cones

Traffic cones are impact-proof, anti-sunburn, cold-resistant and good in reflection.

It has highly reflective tape, which glares out of the night, making the drivers see more clearly.

Available in Height : 500 mm ; 750 mm ; 1000 mm

Spring post

This product has the anti-high pressure and anti-curving which snaps back its original position. Its completely sunproof with no fading at all.

Avaialble in Size : 750mm

Cat eyes

Road Studs are widely used for roads, pathways and highways. Its equipped with prismatic reflective leds on each side ensuring reflectivity.

Thermoplastic paint marking

It has excellent night visibility when traffic striping covered under rain water. It has clear audible sound with sensational vibration. Its raised blocks will not fall apart or spread off so there will not be any damage to the pavement.

Raised type thermoplastic road markings with Glass Beads provide extended safety.

Convex Mirror

This product is suitable for kinds of corners to avoid accidents & stealings too.

Its mostly used at all convenient stores, shopping malls, road turnings, factories, parking lots etc.

Available in Size : 18inch ; 24inches ; 36inches ; 40inches.

Wheel clamps

The Clamp is a high security anti-theft device that clamps to the wheel and immobilizes the vehicle or trailer.

Message Floor Stand

Floor Stand with message is widely used in many applications such as it provides safety messages to all. It’s strong plastic makes it durable and long lasting. It is highly in demand with its special features such as Portable in nature, Attractive in design and pattern and light in weight makes carrying easy.

Available in a range of colors & can be used from both side of stands to display messages.


Reflective Baton and LED Flash Baton contains LEDs which flashes as per commands.

Available size : 21 inches

Barricading Tapes / Danger Tapes

This product is brightly colored, with a message on it and highly stretchable too.

Available in 250 mtr / 500 mtr Rolls

Automatic Boom Barriers

A boom barrier is a bar or pole which allows the boom to block vehicle access through a controlled point.

Boom gates are typically found at rail crossings, parking facilities, checkpoints, toll booths and entry/exits to restrict areas.

Rubber Dock Bumpers

Rubber Dock Bumpers are appropriate for protection and contains the correct amount of resilience to absorb pressure and impact shock.

It’s mainly suited for marinas, loading docks, parking garages, vessel protection and on vehicles, such as tow-trucks, trailers and heavy duty construction equipment.

Available as per clients requirement.

Q Manager with Belt

Mismanaged crowd becomes easy with help of Q-Manager. It serves the purpose of crowd management while saving the time.

Belt available in size of 2 mtrs with Red / Green / Blue / Black colours

Q post with Velvet Rope / Chain

Barricading options are available with elegant looking designs and sizes which blend-in well with the ambience while doing its job of barricading required areas.

Car Rubber Wheel Stoppers

The Car Rubber Wheel Stoppers are mainly installed in the parking spaces to keep the cars from hitting/banging the barriers. Its known as the best partner/protection for cars.

Available in size : 600×120×100mm

Truck Rubber Wheel Stoppers

Truck Rubber Wheel Chocks are ideal for keeping trucks, trailers, and road construction equipment in place. They are strong, safe and resistant to damage from UV, moisture, salt and oils.

It has ribbed pyramid design with Eye bolt for ropes or chains. The chock design also allows either side to be positioned against tire.


This item is one-step mouled, anti-sunburn, anti-impact and not easy to age. When filled with water/sand, the road barrier will be more flexible & if without water, it is easy to move.

This product is suitable for entries of expressways, turnings of the roads and the tollgates, reminding the drivers to slow down.

Various models in various sizes

Shopping / Supermarket Trolleys

Supermarket trolleys available in fully zinc coating.

Available with & without branding

Luggage / Airport Trolleys

Airport luggage trolley made out of Aluminium and stainless steel material with branding space available in Front and Top.

Available with and without brake systems.

Garbage trolleys

Waste Bin Containers with wheeled and volume upto 60Ltrs to 1100 Ltrs.

Colour options available on request.

Security Cabins

We also deal into security booth & cabins and also have a strong hold not only in construction sites but societies and offices too. Security Cabins available for Single to Three persons.

Site Offices / Cabins

It is more convenient & economical than making a permanent structure.

Toll Booths

Can be customized as per clients requirement.